How to reach Tolga

As you might already have found, Tolga is not a big city and that’s why the surrounding areas are so amazing. But I (Justinas) live there and want to show you around.  It is not so difficult to get there, when you know how. So to begin with – the airports. 

There are two and a “half” to choose from. First one being the biggest and having the most direct flights – Oslo Gardermoen, don’t mix it with Oslo Torp. Gardermoen is located north of Oslo while Torp is in the south. So there are plenty of cheap and direct flights to Gardermoen from all over Europe and even other continents. You then take the train using to find the train that suits you best. There are 6 trains, the first one leaving from the airport at 06:49 to the latest 18:49. The travel time is 4 hours and 20 minutes. You have to change trains once at Hamar station. But it is a very easy and uncomplicated change. You can also reach Tolga from Torp, using the same trains, but I am afraid that then you will have an ultra trip.

Second airport being Trondheim airport. I use it very rarely so my knowledge is a bit limited. But you first have to get to Trondheim city center by using a bus or a train. For trains, again, use to plan your trip and buy tickets. There are not so many trains going from Trondheim to Tolga, but there are some to choose from. 

The “half” of the airport is in a city called Røros airport, there is only one airline flying there – Widerøe – they have flights from Oslo and other local airports in Norway.