The Project

A journey of no transitions…
where the day doesn’t end until your journey ends.
What fate awaits you at Bright Midnight?

The Bright Midnight in an unsupported bikepacking through 1000km of Norwegian landscapes, woven together with time. Experience the barren tundra, dramatic fjords and mystical forests, climbing over 16,000m under the bright watch of the midnight sun.

The route starts in Tolga, a city nestled on the river Glåma and the doorway to the Forollhogna National Park, iconic in its vast tundra. Gravel paths and fast flowing roads follow the sun west towards the glistening tarmac switchbacks of Trollstigen, where the high mountains and the raw nature of Norway loom ever closer with each pedal stroke.

Time will carry you into the fjordlands, descending steep cliff faces shaped by millenia old glacier journeys.  Arriving in the fjord village of Geiranger with painted houses and graphic architecture bordering sea inlets, pause and take a moment to reflect on passes conquered and roads travelled.

The journey must now return east towards the morning sun through Reinheimen and Breheimen National Parks. Transporting weary legs from the coastal waters into mountain rivers bursting with fresh water, and lakes sculpted by a past long since forgotten. Treeless vistas point the way to the final paths into Knutshø returning to the tundra and the source of this journey.

A voyage of past, present and future, intertwined into one connected moment.